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Marico is one of our customers. Marico is in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. We have been serving Marico for different projects such as sales automation, SFA automation, distribution, management, and integration of various systems from GTA apps, modern trade apps, e-commerce apps, ERP, and SAP. Primarily we worked on an enterprise application which is called My Net system which helps distributors, and pan India distributors punch the orders into the system. Then that order flows back to the ERP for billing and accounting.

This also goes to the manufacturing units to check the production worked on the automation of integration of multiple systems. The GTPDA is a secondary order-taking system. The modern trade is also taking orders from all the large retailers or large players like DMart, and different malls. Then the Ecommerce business where the sale happens at the e-commerce, but the data flows back to the system. In the My neighbor system, there were a lot of modules such as the order management, the master management, and the journey plan of each distributor, and each retailer. So secondary orders mainly punched here there were a lot of different reports for distributors, for the sales team, for manufacturing team. So this is one of the projects.

The other project which we did is a kind of one Mariko app that actually brings authorization notification of entire Marico employees at a single place and mobile app. Another project which we worked upon is the territory sales officer reporting system where they get different various kinds of reports such as what the DSR or daily sales representative is doing in the market. Even the training is also conducted over there. Even the certification is also imparted. Via that system, the territory sales officer can see all different reports of sales revenue. And these reports, few reports for custom, few reports were integrated from tableau and there were multiple filters such as regional filter, date filter, year filter, month filter, product wise, brand-wise, market-wise.

There was a small competitive analysis also built up in the system so that the territory sales officer can take better decisions. The larger objective of the Minute system was number one to revamp the entire system which was built 20 years ago to make it a new modern system. The initial challenges were the performance was very degraded, and the scaling was not happening. Development was taking almost five times more than normal. Due to the old technology, there were no proper developers. The business team comes with the timelines, but the delivery doesn’t happen on the system. The technical architecture of the system was so old that the integrated systems were upgraded outside of the Marico. But Mynate system could not upgrade itself due to the core architecture issues. The performance, scalability, and even security are also impacted. What the Atrina team has done is they’ve analyzed what is the exact issues they have jotted down, listed down the technical architect, and the CEO from our team, and they have defined the goals of making the system modern.

That should again run for the next 20 years with the latest technology on all the sites like development, deployments, automation, integration, security, and reporting they are all aspects that have been thought of while designing the system. Today the system after one and a half years of development is very much stable. There are a lot of people who are happy about the minute upgrade. We did this project entirely on a Kobe time. It was really a tough time. The technology which we delivered is the net core, Microsoft SQL latest one. The jobs we configured, and the automation we did this was all with the modern technologies. Obviously, the Microsoft stack was used because Merrick is a Microsoft house. There were near about 50 different modules that have been developed under the One system. Every module has its unique purpose and unique utility.

The biggest module is order management where the entire Marico distributor order system comes here. If this system is not working, Marico cannot get the orders which is the sales core part. Now today we are working on the support of this project. We are developing further features for the product. In the last one and a half years there were no issues like the scalability, the delivery, the integration, the system is down, the system is hanging. There were no such issues and that’s the I think is the success of the program logic.

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