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Sales Force Management System

Increased Agility & Efficacy Through Automation of Sales Force Activities

With a focus on maximized ROI and productivity, Atrina’s robust and flexible Sales Force Management solution is one of the enterprise-level business solutions that helps the field force to access required information easily and effectively. It, being customizable, provides relevant models to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes and segments.

It encompasses all major sales-associated activities, including pre-sales, route planning and mapping, field force tracking, order and inventory management, analytical reports, etc. The solution is aimed at fulfilling multiple tasks serving various stakeholders like field force teams, dealers, service engineers, and administrators.

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Sales Force Management – An Overview

The Sales Force Automation solution, powered by Atrina, assists in managing, planning, and executing sales-related activities for target groups. It is designed and developed with extensive industry proficiency to accommodate maximum client needs, business workflows, and needs. It empowers users in terms of generating management reports of day-to-day activities, controlling and monitoring the task force and customer feedback, managing back-office activities, and optimizing inventory.

The key objective behind this business solution is to offer enterprise-level services that can manage and monitor all major modules of the sales force in an automated and robust manner with respect to the relevant market situation. It focuses on reducing the response time to customers with instant access to needed business information in desired formats.

Key USPs of Field Force Automation Solution


Salient Features of Sales Force Automation System

Stock Tracking

Streamlining and centralization of warehouses, updating stock levels across different sales channels.

Payment Processing

Scheduled billing and payment, automated payments.

Field Force Attendance and Tracking

Real-time monitoring of sales force attendance, leave management.

Van Sales Automation

Spot billing, Direct Store Delivery, live van tracking.

Distributor Management

Secondary order and returns, quick access for field executive.

Sales Targets for Sales Force

Establishing parameters and target metrics for sales.

Order Management

Establishing parameters and target metrics for sales.

Sales Route Optimization

Management of operations of sales teams with optimal routes.

Inventory Management

Tracking of items, returns, transfers, scheduling, etc.

Third-Party Integration with SAP, Salesforce

Seamless flow of information within systems.

Claims Management

Comprehensive and streamlined management of claims procedure.

Analytics Dashboard

In-depth reporting into business information at a single go, anytime, anywhere, on-field performance reports.

Purchase Returns

Processing of leakage and damage returns, with a further line of action.

Cross-Platform Compliance

Smooth operations within different platforms.

Major Benefits of Sales Intelligence System


Why Atrina for Sales Force Management?

Diversified Industry Experience

We have extensive exposure to leading industry segments and their working environment. This brings to our plate detailed experience and expertise in major industry segments like manufacturing, retail, FMCG, FinTech, Healthcare, BFSI, etc.

Commitment to Innovation

Our enthusiasm to create something innovative compels us to implement innovative practices, create scalable business solutions, and enhance customer-centricity and employee satisfaction. We believe that innovation is the key to success.

Optimal Utilization of Latest Technologies and Standards

Our skilled task force is on a constant drive to stay abreast of cutting-edge technologies and business processes. We ensure the best usage of our knowledge, the latest technologies, and industry-standard practices.

Customer Success Ratio

Focus on getting customer satisfaction to a superior level is what we aim for. We have a list of esteemed clientele who have been leveraging our services and solutions for a long time now.

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