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Why join our team ?

● A place that has equal emphasis on professional and personal development as it does on corporate prosperity.

● Together, we discuss ideas, share expertise, and constantly challenge one another to go further and rethink what is possible.

● Take on challenging projects, and contribute to creating a better future through technology.

● At Atrina everyone has the ability and liberty to operate independently.

● Have ownership over work that directly contributes to the business.

● Employees are dealt with as people, not as objects.

Our Culture Benefits

Build your future with us

At Atrina, we’re creating a culture where incredible
individuals (like you) can excel. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re ready to advance your career and make millions of organizations better.


Having a positive workplace culture. In fact, along with other traditional advantages, a great workplace culture is practically expected.


We consider our diversity to be a strength. We celebrate our differences with one another because empathy can make us more resilient. We provide the best customer experiences in the world through better understanding others.


Our social impact initiative is called Impact Together. It is our collective and individual presence in our communities. By concentrating on four important pillars, we can lead the way as a philanthropic leader in the sector:

1. Stay with your People Policy-

You will arrive at work happier and more inspired to face the day when you look forward to seeing the folks you work with each day.

● Atrina Alumni – Annual Meet ups with our X- people

● Rehire Policy

● Refer your buddy

● Refer Family

2. Spiritual Enlightenment & Awakening Sessions –

It has always been a fundamental aspect of what it means to be human to have had the experience of ascending to a higher state of consciousness.

● Mentoring your team

● Reading books from Atrina Library

● Do Yoga in Office

● Gratitude Journals

● Meet and Networking

3. Start Day is Important –

We support you in achieving more, thinking clearly, and carrying out meaningful work.

● Buddy with Goodies on Start Day

● Sessions with HR

● 3 Months Vision

4. Employee Engagement –

Increased productivity, a more positive workplace culture, decreased attrition, improved working and customer connections, and an impact on revenues are all benefits of employee engagement. Employees who are highly engaged become your best supporters.

● Monthly & Annual Reward & Recognition Program

● Outdoor Trips

● Annual Plantation programme – Save our environment

● Showcase the performer – Wall of Fame.


● Training & Development – Trainee> Juniors> Seniors> PM> Leaders>Managers

● Internal Promotion

● Monthly & Quarter Performance Review

● JD is aligned with KRA

● Self-Assessment KRA Template

● Personal growth Trainings

● Leadership Program with CEO

Atrina is a multinational corporation with over 100 employees working toward the same objective. As we work together to shape the future of customer experience, our professionals have the independence to make a huge effect on the business and take responsibility for their work, even while we offer similar outstanding benefits and advantages as larger tech organizations.

This is your chance to develop new abilities, go outside of your comfort zone, and play to your strengths. Atrina empowers staff members to put their stamp by giving them the freedom to decide for themselves and deliver on the high standards for which they were employed.

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