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FMCG Digital Transformation
Hector Beverages

01 Problem

Hector Beverages faced challenges with their existing order management system and user management processes. The lack of a proper system led to inefficiencies in order processing, difficulty in managing users, and limited insights into their business operations.

02 Solution

To address these challenges, a comprehensive solution was developed by implementing mobile and web applications tailored to meet Hector Beverages’ requirements. The solution aimed to streamline order management and enhance user management processes.

  1. Mobile Applications:

    Three mobile applications were developed to facilitate different aspects of order management and user management:

    • Order Management Application: This application enabled salespeople to take orders from distributors. It allowed them to record the stock levels at distributors’ locations.
    • Employee Management Application: This application focused on managing and tracking the activities of salespeople. It allowed employees to access their daily plans, record their visits to distributors, and track their performance.
    • Distributor Order Application: This application enabled distributors to receive and process orders from their retailers. It aimed to streamline the ordering process and provide a seamless experience for distributors and their customers.
    Technologies Used: Flutter
  1. Web Application:

    A web application was developed to centralize order processing and generate reports for data analysis. This web app encompassed the following functionalities:

    • Order Processing: The web application facilitated the processing of orders received through the mobile applications. It ensured seamless coordination between salespeople, distributors, and retailers to fulfill orders efficiently.
    • Data Analysis: The web application generated reports that provided valuable insights into order patterns, sales performance, and employee efficiency. These reports enabled Hector Beverages to analyze data and make informed business decisions.
    • Truck Logic: The web application incorporated a truck logic feature that optimized the allocation of appropriate trucks based on customer needs. This helped ensure efficient and timely delivery of orders.

Technologies Used:







Product Screen

03 Impact

The implemented solution had a significant positive impact on Hector Beverages’ business operations:

  • Streamlined Order Management: The mobile and web applications streamlined the entire order management process, from order placement to order dispatch. This resulted in improved efficiency and reduced manual errors.
  • Enhanced User Management: The applications provided better control and management of salespeople, distributors, and retailers. It allowed for real-time tracking of employee activities, improved communication, and facilitated the onboarding of new distributors.
  • Data Analysis and Insights: The generated reports provided valuable insights into order trends, employee performance, and overall business operations. These insights helped Hector Beverages make data-driven decisions to optimize their processes and increase profitability.

04 Results

  • Better customer service
  • Capture real demand and improve fill-rate
  • Ease the day-to-day work of sales team
  • Data mapping and management
  • Empower the customer
  • Provides Dashboard for order management to sales team

Overall, the implemented order management system and user management solution positively impacted Hector Beverages’ operations by improving efficiency, enabling better control over users, and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

  • Lack of a proper system
  • Difficulty in managing users
  • Limited insights into their business operations.

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