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Low Code No Code – 10X Faster Business Applications


How do Low-Code/No-Code Platforms Help Build Faster Business Applications?

LCNC platforms are a game-changer when it comes to developing applications. They speed up the entire development process in several ways:

Visual modelling: These platforms offer tools that enable developers and non-developers to design applications quickly and efficiently. This speeds up the development process, as users can create full apps without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Drag-and-drop components: Users can visually create business applications with simple drag-and-drop components. The design of this platform is user-friendly, allowing anyone to develop applications without the need for coding expertise.

System integrations: LCNC platforms can integrate with third-party ERP systems and rapidly integrate data from various sources, eliminating data silos and streamlining the development process.

Built-in security: Applications developed using LCNC platforms are secure by design, ensuring that both the organisation and its customers are protected from potential security risks.

Instant deployment: Applications can be deployed instantly, allowing businesses to deliver exceptional user experiences across various platforms quickly. This enables organisations to respond to market changes and customer demands more rapidly.

Intelligent automation: LCNC platforms facilitate end-to-end process automation, bringing people, data, and systems together seamlessly. This accelerates application development and improves overall business efficiency.

The adoption of LCNC platforms offers a range of benefits for businesses, including:

Features of Low-Code/No-Code Platforms

LCNC platforms boast several impressive features that make them stand out from the crowd:

Real-World Applications of Low-Code/No-Code Platforms

LCNC platforms are a game-changer when it comes to developing applications. They speed up the entire development process in several ways:

Healthcare: LCNC platforms are being used to develop telemedicine apps, patient management systems, and other healthcare-related applications, improving patient care and streamlining operations.

Banking and finance: Financial institutions leverage LCNC platforms to develop customised banking apps, loan processing systems, and other finance-related applications, enhancing customer experiences and increasing operational efficiency.

Retail and e-commerce: LCNC platforms are being used to develop inventory management systems, customer relationship management apps, and other retail applications, helping businesses better serve customers and manage their operations.

Education: Educational institutions are using LCNC platforms to create learning management systems, student portals, and other educational applications, improving the overall learning experience for students and educators alike.

The world of application development is constantly evolving, with businesses always on the lookout for faster and more efficient ways to build their apps. Enter LCNC platforms, the new kid on the block quickly taking the industry by storm.

In fact, experts predict that by 2024, low-code development will make up a tremendous 65% of all app development activity!

And it’s easy to see why. These platforms provide a simpler, faster way to build complex enterprise solutions that can be easily integrated, modified, and upgraded. Plus, both pro developers and non-developers can use them to make apps that are not only user-friendly but also data-driven.

By embracing LCNC platforms, businesses can fast-track their digital transformation efforts, improve time-to-market, and become more agile in the process. It’s no wonder these platforms are quickly becoming an essential tool for companies looking to move from a reactive to a proactive digital strategy.


In today’s fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the competition is more important than ever. That’s why low-code/no-code platforms are gaining popularity among businesses of all sizes.

Using these platforms allows organisations to develop and deploy applications quickly and efficiently, enabling them to be responsive to market changes and customer demands. By embracing this technology, businesses can position themselves for success and thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Therefore, you must begin utilising an LCNC platform today to maintain a competitive edge.

At Atrina, we are devoted to positively contributing to a greater number of businesses by utilising our vast technical expertise and drive for innovation. We have also helped leading businesses like Zydus and Hector Beverages to achieve significant upgrades in their IT Infrastructure using Low Code No Code Platforms. You can check out our case studies here.

Our goal is to offer business applications much faster than traditional development methods without compromising quality and reliability. Furthermore, we are devoted to investing in our team and technology to ensure we can meet our goal of being a standard bearer in the industry for low-code, no-code solutions.

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