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Team Lead - Angular Developer

About Atrina

Atrina Technologies Pvt Ltd is a well-known IT service provider in ERP, Mobility and IT Services and Solutions. We take this opportunity to submit a business proposal to fulfil our employment requirements. Atrina Technologies Pvt Ltd came into existence in 2017. We offer the best opportunities to our

employees and help them to find the best career path by training and development.

Company: Atrina Technologies Pvt Ltd

Location: Mumbai

Position: Sr. Angular Developer

Salary: As per industry standards

Reach us:

Job brief

We are looking for an experienced Angular developer to oversee the design and development of websites and of single-page, advanced, enterprise web, server-side rendered, graphic-rich and mobile applications. They may also create user-friendly and intuitive websites. Here are some of the daily responsibilities an Angular developer may perform:

Job Objective

• Building dynamic and adaptable web applications

• Performing analysis of product development

• Delivering comprehensive front-end software

• Working with back-end programmers to create REST API

• Developing front-end application and asset infrastructure

• Configuring, constructing and testing scripts within an ongoing integration environment

• Using advanced techniques such as multi-threading to generate non-blocking code

• Using Angular command-line interface to allow developers to do web application coding and configuration

• Interacting with external website services

• Assisting with workflow coordination between HTML programmers and graphic designers

• Writing understandable HTML, JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS) code

• Making decisions regarding technical and design aspects of the Angular project

• Oops Basics, Class and Methods, Interface, Constructors, Data Types, MVC, Dot net Core, ASP dot net core middleware, Dependency Injections, Entity Framework, API

Skill Set & Preferred Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology.

• 2-3 years of experience as an angular developer.

• High-level managerial skills.

• Knowledge of languages including REST web services and API, javascript, testing, HTML and CSS

• Proficient with JavaScript, angular framework and CSS

• Ability to project manage.

• Excellent problem-solving skills.

• Good verbal and written communication skills.

• BCA, B.Sc CS, B.Tech, MCA, MSc. CS, MSc. IT