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Order Management System for One of the Leading FMCG Company

This case study focuses on implementation of a robust order management system and other involved features related to a sales force management solution for a well-known FMCG firm in India. They were in search of a comprehensive sales management system that automates their day-to-day sales activities and offers seamless integration with their back-office applications.

About Customer

-Around 12000
-Major cities in India
The client is a leading FMCG firm centrally located in a metro city in India with branches spread all over the country. It has its global association with leading FMCG giants across the world. They are leading suppliers of multiple brands with a wide range of products and supplies. They were in search of a centralized solution that offers a variety of features such as order management, sales force tracking, distributor management etc. for uniformity of operations amidst various business workflows.

01 Key Challenges Faced by the Customer

The client was facing major issues in generating centralized and real-time information across the units in the country. They were looking for a robust solution that can manage and monitor all their sales related activities and offer insightful reports and dashboards whenever and wherever they want.
The client was finding it difficult to relieve their sales teams from other administrative tasks. It was tough for them to manage and monitor orders, keep track of the field force and their activities, and increase the productivity of their taskforce.
Organizational data was lying in different formats like flat files, Excel sheets and hence it was tough to share information across different departments. Existing systems were hardly customizable and hence very rigid in their implementation.

02 Our Proposed Solution

Our enterprise-wide Sales Management solution had its focus on offering an effective technical environment that automated around 75 to 80 % of their tasks by monitoring all their master data, sales force activities and seamless integration with the back-office activities. 

Based on an agile approach, our solution encompasses around 2500+ routes for around 10000+ task force in around 15 cities in India. This technically superior solution is created with the latest technologies and APIs that are instrumental in executing sales force activities and interface with the back office, with ease and efficacy. This data is synchronized easily with existing systems.

Our solution is customizable and flexible enough to harmoniously interact with other third-party systems that are an absolute essential in the smooth functioning of the system. There are self-generated reports and dashboards that showcase real-time information anytime, anywhere through the system.

03 Key Features in the Solution

Product Screens

04 Implementation Process

Our dedicated taskforce implemented this system in a phased manner. They first implemented a few modules one after the other in an agile way, so that it can be a stable implementation. Our subject matter experts who are apt in the domain of field force automation and order management designed a thorough implementation plan that took care of all the modules, one after the other.

05 Technologies Used:




Node JS



06Business Advantages


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