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Our Services

Enterprise Software Solutions

With cutting-edge technological enterprise solutions, you can transform your business and remain competitive. 

● Experts at Atrina Technologies design, create, deploy, and maintain enterprise software for a specific set of users or processes.

● Our customised ERP software type, automates processes, saves money and reduces errors.

● Enterprise software solutions services are designed to meet your specific business needs

● We create agile revenue-boosting solutions that are personalized to your company’s needs and customized for your consumers

● We engineer relevance through product and platform development, APIs, IoT, AI/ML, analytics, and real-time insights.

Mobile application development and managing

Create user-centric mobile applications for your business with our developers via cutting-edge mobile technology.

● We develop mobile apps for Android, iOS, and cross-platform solutions, among other platforms.

● Our mobile app development team has a track record of publishing high-quality, bug-free apps on the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.

● Our team can assist in creating the experiences that consumers want and delivering the value that your company needs via application development and management.

Business Process Automation

Technology-enabled automation of complicated business operations

● Atrina helps to simplify complex business challenges, achieve digital transformation, improve service quality, improve service delivery, and save expenses.

● Business automation entails integrating applications, reorganizing labor resources, and deploying software across the organization.

IT system Audit

● Our team performs thorough evaluation of company’s IT enabled systems, policies, operations, and infrastructures.

● We help to revise and enhance the efficiency and security of IT systems.

IT Managed Services

● Outsource and offload all your IT services with us.

● We assume full responsibility for the organization’s entire IT operations, including 24×7 monitoring, on-demand IT assistance, and problem resolution.

Open source ERP implementation

It goes well beyond IT to encompass enterprise services. To focus on the entire customer experience, it digitizes and automates related processes including HR, security, finance, and CRM.

● Our open source enterprise resource services allows companies to access the ERP system’s code and we also customize it for our customers catering to their needs.

● IT is just one aspect of our enterprise service management.

Business Rule Engine implementation

Business Rule engine has a set of rules that it uses to direct organisational processes.

● Our Service enables accurate decision-making and are especially beneficial when dealing with complicated dependencies in business.

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