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Is Your Data Really Protected?

As a tech person, I can most certainly in no way, ignore the present debate between privacy policy issues. As numerous evade WhatsApp and download new chat platforms in search of a secure experience. Let me tell you that security is nothing but an illusion. Also, there's no guarantee that Telegram or Signal might not be hacked within the future, especially when nation-state actors with highly advanced tools and amazing resources are on the prowl.

Encryption is fundamentally flawed and once hackers get to understand any vulnerability or bug within the whole data travel journey -- apps, mobile package, public Wi-Fi, Cloud and therefore the physical data centres -- your personal and sensitive information is usually at their mercy.

India doesn't have a zealous policy on data localisation.

India which doesn't have a fervent law on privacy or cybersecurity, won't be ready to do much, unlike Europe which includes a strong General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that treats the protection of its users' data diligently and seriously.

So if you're envisioning complete and absolute security, you've got to grasp that security could be a relative term. Further, it still doesn't have a legal framework insight for safeguarding every kind of knowledge. The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 is pending consideration before the Joint Parliamentary Committee. Further, India doesn't have a zealous policy on data localisation

The current Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 leaves much to be desired and wishes to be completely supplemented by an overhauled legislative framework, which might target the concerns and protection of rights of stakeholders concerning their data within the digital ecosystem.

Next time when any of the new apps you have got shifted to being compromised, which chat or social media app do you your mind?

Data is seldom safe, so while privacy policy may be a myth when it involves applications, find some application that may fix the bugs and build something better and ask your local govt for the laws that protect your data