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BlockChain Vaccine Distribution

Let's talk about the topic of the year, Covid-19. A very important element of technology is now closely associated with vaccine distribution.

Blockchain vaccine distribution! Over the last few weeks, three pharma companies released promising trial data from their COVID-19 vaccines, bringing a possible light at the end of the tunnel to the pandemic. While the vaccines are still yet to hit the market, discussion of distribution is beginning to surface. Blockchain, a technology that makes the data easy to verify and difficult to falsify, has come into the conversation.

Blockchain has the potential to track the vaccines and make sure they haven’t been compromised.

Now let me put the discussion of technology in pointer format for you.

  1. 1.Every person needs two doses, so roughly 15 billion doses.
  2. 2.Each of these vaccines is different from the other and they are not interchangeable
  3. 3.So even though they treat or vaccinate against the same virus, they are different vaccines and thus require different maintenance
  4. 4.Assuring that the vaccines are being dispatched to the right place and not diverted or stolen.
  5. 5.Highest sought after drug

While so much will be happening functionality of blockchain is helping with supply chain integrity at various touchpoints. Blockchain has the potential to track the vaccines and make sure they haven’t been compromised. But tracking the vaccine isn’t the only way blockchain can be employed. It can also be used to help patients keep track of their vaccine records and provide proof of vaccination for travel, schools and more. It will let you travel, go to school, get vaccinated, have a note and move ahead.

Blockchain will become the backbone of Vaccine distribution! Period.