How we contributed:

Marico is one of the top leaders in the FMCG industry and we have serviced them in different projects such as sales automation, SFA automation, distribution, management, and integration of various systems from GTA apps, modern trade apps, e-commerce apps, ERP, and SAP.

● Our primary focus was on the My Net system, an enterprise application we created that aids distributors and wholesalers across India in entering orders into the system. Following that, the order returns to the ERP for invoicing and accounting. This also pertains to the manufacturing facilities, where it is used to assess how well the production was automated and integrated. A secondary order-taking system is the GTPDA. The current trade also accepts orders from many malls and significant companies like DMart and other merchants.

● We successfully streamlined  their E-commerce order taking mechanism for smooth order processing and data management.

● Customized the mobile app for Marico truly provides authorization notification for all Marico employees in one location.

● The territorial sales officer reporting system that provides sales team with a variety of reports, including information about what the DSR, or daily sales representative, is doing in the market and also to analyze the data  see all different reports of sales revenue. This leads them for better decision making.

● Team at Atrina have built the modern system for Marico which will run for 20 years with the latest technology on all the sites like development, deployments, automation, integration, security, and reporting they are all aspects that have been thought of while designing the system. The technology which we delivered is the net core, Microsoft SQL latest one.We managed to solve all their issues and their systems are running up to date.